Western Australia Royal Commission into Crown Resorts starts today

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A Royal Commission into the conduct and suitability of Crown Resorts will get underway in Western Australia today, the second such Royal Commission now taking pace following the launch of a similar inquiry in Victoria last month.

As previously reported by Inside Asian Gaming, Western Australias Royal Commission will work with a mandate to explore the companys suitability to hold a casino gaming license for Crown Perth and the adequacy of the states regulatory framework.

The Royal Commission is Western Australias response to theBergin Report in NSW, which recommended Crown Resorts be deemed unsuitable to hold a license for the casino at Crown Sydneydue to money laundering and organized crime links.The report was released on 9 February and New South Wales gaming regulator, the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (ILGA), subsequentlyconcurred with the Bergin Reports recommendation and found Crown unsuitable, less than a week after the report was made public.

According to the Terms of Reference, the WA Royal Commission will be required to inquire and report on the suitability of Crown Resorts and its local subsidiaries to continue to hold a license for Crown Perth and, if found unsuitable, what actions would be required to render them suitable.

It will also be required to look at whether or not the current regulatory framework is adequately prepared to address extant and emerging strategic risks identified in the Bergin Report, or otherwise by this inquiry, including in relation to junket operations, money laundering, cash and electronic transactions and the risk of infiltration by criminal elements into casino operations.

However, unlike Victorias Royal Commission which has been directed not to rely too heavily on the findings of the Bergin Report, the Western Australia commissioner is not required to inquire, or to continue to inquire, into a particular matter to the extent that you are satisfied that the matter has been, is being, or will be sufficiently and appropriately dealt with by another inquiry or investigation.

A deadline of 30 June 2021 is provided for submission of an interim report and 14 November 2021 for a final report with recommendations.