Super Bock: Prince of Portugal

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The Super Bock Group is Portugals largest beverage group with a history dating back well over 100 years.

In 1890, master brewers from the former Companhia Unio Fabril Portuense set about selecting the best 100% natural raw materials to produce high quality beers such as Super Bock, which was created in 1927.

The Super Bock Group is the epitome of innovation and modernization.

In 1964, the year in which it moved to Lea do Balio, where its production centre is currently located, it produced 25 million liters of beer. Today it has a production capacity of more than 450 million liters.

With factories spread throughout the country modern facilities capable of facing market challenges the Super Bock Group is renowned for its quality products that are widely enjoyed by consumers.

It has the reputation and beer brewing knowhow for launching products into the market that fulfil consumer needs and demands. This is the case of Super Bock Stout, a dark beer that took the market by surprise in the 2000s.

There is also Super Bock Seleco 1927, which introduced diversity and sophistication into beer making. Using the best ingredients, this range of beer was created to go well with different dishes, making culinary experiences even more special.

It is truly a global brand with presence in over 50 countries, recognized and appreciated all over the world!

Today, Super Bock is a leading brand in the beer industry and a role model to the country it calls home. It has been present in Macau for over 30 years and in Mainland China since 2007, which today is its largest export market.