Oshidori requests public disclosure of Nagaski IR meetings under prefectures Information Disclosure Ordinance

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Dutch-inspired theme park Huis Ten Bosch is the prefectures choice as the site for a Nagasaki IR.


IAG has learned that Oshidori International Holdings Limited, one of the two bidders not selected by Nagasaki Prefecture to construct an integrated resort in the prefecture, lodged a formal Written Disclosure Request for Official Documents on 13 August, and a second such request on 1 September.

Both requests, prepared and submitted by Oshidoris lawyers in Japan, were made pursuant to the Nagasaki Prefectural Information Disclosure Ordinance and were addressed to the Governor of Nagasaki, Hodo Nakamura.

Both requests ask for materials in the form of documents, pictures and electromagnetic records that were used as the basis for [Nagasakis decisions]. The 13 August request seeks public disclosure of reports [of] the transparency investigation issued by the research firm retained by Nagasaki prefecture and contents of advice given by advisers of Nagasaki prefecture.

An artists impression of Oshidoris Nagasaki IR concept.

The request specifically asks Nagasaki to make public disclosure of the contents of the transparency investigation[s] (a term used in Japan to refer to probity investigations) of Casinos Austria, NIKI and Oshidori themselves.

The 1 September request seeks public disclosure of records (including dates and times, participants and details of discussions) of all meetings and all dinners which were held between the dates of 1 January 2016 and 31 August 2021 between Nagasaki prefecture and Casinos Austria and/or their agents and advisors.

This is just the latest twist in the ongoing saga of the Nagasaki IR process, in which the two bidders not chosen by Nagasaki prefecture have alleged the RFP process was not conducted fairly and that both were asked to withdraw before their respective final presentations to the judging panel. Oshidori has called the process corrupt, and NIKI described it as very troubling.

The Chairman and CEO of NIKI, Dr Ku Shin, ended a tense 27 July meeting with Nagasaki prefectural representatives stating lets have legal action according to minutes of the meeting seen by IAG and verified to be accurate by NIKI themselves. Given the latest developments, it seems legal action from Oshidori may also be under consideration.

The complaints from both Oshidori and NIKI follow the selection of Casinos Austria International Japan (CAIJ) as Nagasaki preferred IR operator on 10 August, with a score of 697.0 points to Oshidoris 682.8 points and NIKIs 667.1 points. Nagasaki signed a basic agreement with CAIJ on 30 August.