NIKI Chyau Fwu (Parkview) Group unveils Nagasaki IR designs

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0SHARES9VIEWS The image documents submitted by NIKI Chyau Fwu (Parkview) Group to Nagasaki prefecture as part of its RFP process included a collection of wooden buildings designed to complement the adjacent Huis Ten Bosch, with an array of solar panels across the top.

The images, obtained by Inside Asian Gaming, would have been realized had NIKI been certified by Nagasaki prefecture and the central government. However, in the final selection examination, Casinos Austria received 697 points and became Nagasakis preferred candidate. Oshidori followed with 682.8 points ahead of NIKI with 667.1 points.

On 30 August, Casinos Austria signed a basic agreement with Nagasaki prefecture with the duo now preparing their application to the central government ahead of the April 2022 deadline.

The release of NIKIs designs come after IAG exclusively published Oshidoris design concept for its Nagasaki IR, which was based on the sails of a ship.

By contrast, NIKIs design included mesh exteriors that look like woodwork. The company had previously commented that they had engaged a local specialist woodworker as part of its consortium and clearly they intended to utilize this skill.

Among the main hotels group of buildings are triangular and square facilities surrounding a central, cylindrical, towering column of a luxury hotel. The commercial facilities under the hotel are European in style and similar to the ambiance of Huis Ten Bosch as they sought to complement the park.

Solar panels were to be installed on one side of the roof-shaped section above the commercial facility, indicating a strong awareness of recent trends toward reducing carbon footprints. Further, a futuristic ropeway running under the roof is also depicted. In the image, the ceiling is high and elements are spread out, giving an open feeling.

The NIKI Group is appealing for re-examination by Nagasaki, claiming there was a problem with the examination method for operator selection. NIKI had been informed by Nagasaki prefecture that concerns had been raised during the integrity survey, but unconvinced by this outcome, has requested the name of the survey company and details of the results. This request was not answered by the prefecture.

NIKI has claimed that they were asked to withdraw from the recruitment process, and if they did not, the results of an integrity survey would be published. Oshidori is also making similar claims about the selection process.

Nagasaki commented, It is clearly stated in the recruitment terms, and we have an agreement with the survey company, so we cannot release it. The examinations were fair and impartial.