NIKI Chyau Fwu (Parkview) Group adds more consortium partners for Nagasaki IR bid

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Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki, the planned site for an IR.


NIKI Chyau Fwu (Parkview) Group announced on 22 July that it had added more partners to its consortium as part of its bid to develop a Nagasaki/Kyushu IR.

The new domestic partners are said to offer unique skills to create a high-quality tourism environment and include Global Gates, Plus Furniture Company, Isetan Mitsukoshi Property Design and Light Publicity.

They also include firms with infrastructure know-how including Ura Building Research Institute, Ebara Shoji, Taiyo Kogyo, Nippon Steel Tower Industry, Kokusai Kogyo and more.

The consortium includes more than a dozen leading local companies and some of the top domestic enterprises within Japan over various industries, NIKI said Thursday.

It is essential that we bring together the know-how cultivated in Japan in order to lead to the success of industries that are brand new to Japan to ensure the significant economic effects. The consortium will promote domestic tourism and tourism from overseas to realize a sustainable and attractive international level IR through our partnerships that leverage our respective strengths.

On 9 July, NIKI Chyau Fwu (Parkview) Group announced that three major construction companies Hazama Ando Corporation, Okumura Corporation and Tanigawa Kensetsu would be included in the consortium. The group has emphasized the large number of domestic companies participating in the project.

Another 10 local partners were named in mid-July.

The NIKI Chyau Fwu (Parkview) Group is made up of THE NIKI, operator of Niki Club, to provide hospitality services, and Chyau Fwu, a conglomerate with its roots in construction and development, founded in Taiwan in the 1950s. It is aiming for regional revitalization in Japan via realization of its Kyushu/Nagasaki IR which it has envisaged as a super smart community in Omura Bay making full use of cutting-edge technology.

Two other groups have qualified for Nagasakis secondary screening inOshidori Consortium, led by Oshidori International Holdings Limited alongside Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment, andCasinos Austria International Japan.

Thethree candidatesare due to provide a presentation in August with the final screening results to be announced later that month based on the current schedule.