Nagasaki prefecture streams web seminar on gambling addiction

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Dutch-style theme park Huis Ten Bosch has long been the selected site for an IR development in Nagasaki.


Nagasaki prefecture has published a web seminar titled Gambling and other Addiction Measures Considering an IR Facility on YouTube.

The seminar, which has been running since 14 May 2021, forms part of Japans Gambling Addiction Awareness Week with Nagasaki currently deep into its RFP process to develop an integrated resort.

Takeshi Kaji, General Manager of GSA Japan, and Toshihiro Otsuka, Director of Nagasaki Psychiatric Center, are seminar lecturers.

Kaji presents on countermeasures that can be taken against addiction in the gaming industry while Otsuka discusses the subject of gambling dependence, including understanding and responding to it.

Organizer of the seminar was the Kyushu/Nagasaki IR Safety and Security Network Council Preparatory Council, established by the prefecture, the prefectural police, Nagasaki University Hospital and local government council.

A prefectural official expressed his hope that people would join the seminar to improve understanding of gambling addiction countermeasures in anticipation of an IR in the prefecture.

Nagasaki completed its first IR operator screening in March, narrowing five applicants to three Casinos Austria International Japan, Oshidori Consortium and NIKI & Chyau Fwu (Park View) Group. There will now be a second screening with proposals due to be submitted by June. After an operator presentation in August, the final results will be announced that same month.