Nagasaki announces plans for 2nd Kyushu/Nagasaki Global Tourism Human Workforce Development Seminar

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Dutch-inspired theme park Huis Ten Bosch is the prefectures choice as the site for a Nagasaki IR.


The Kyushu/Nagasaki International Tourism Human Talent Development ConsortiumPrep Committee has announced that the 2nd Kyushu/Nagasaki GlobalTourism Human Workforce Development Seminar will be held on 31 July.

The theme of the seminar is International Tourism Human Resources Developmentand Case Studies from the International IR Industry, with the aim of Confirmingprogress of international tourism human resources development in the region froman academic point of view and thinking about skills and training necessary for thenext generation to play an active role on the international market by incorporatingpractical examples from the IR industry.

At the seminar, Professor Hideya Inoue (Nagasaki International University), ProfessorHiroshi Yamamoto (Nagasaki Prefectural University), Joji Kokuryo (CEO of Bay CityVentures), Shigetsugu Asada (KPG Hotel & Resort, Director, GeneralManager of Business Headquarters) and Chris Wieners (CEO of HOGO Digital), willgive presentations.

IAG Japan Commercial Operations Manager Reina Nishimura will participate as a moderator.

The host of the event is the Kyushu/Nagasaki International Tourism Human Talent Development Consortium Prep Committee in which the Nagasaki International University(Secretariat), Nagasaki Prefectural University, Nagasaki Prefecture and Sasebo Cityhave collaborated in order to create a foundation for international tourism humanresources development in Kyushu in anticipation of an IR in Sasebo city, Nagasakiprefecture. It was launched in April of this year.

Nagasaki prefecture has already entered the secondary operator screening stageand the prefecture will make its decision between three candidates OshidoriConsortium, Casinos Austria, NIKI Chyau Fwu (Parkview) Group.

Host: Kyushu/Nagasaki International Tourism Human Talent Development ConsortiumPrep Committee
Seminar:Saturday 31 July 2021, 1pm to 3.45pm
Location: Nagasaki International University
Method: ZOOM Webinar (live)
Capacity: 500 online
Registration: ZOOM registration site