Matsui releases antimicrobial table game layout

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The Matsui Group has announced the release of a new antimicrobial casino table layout that it says stops the growth or spread of microorganisms.

The Nova Guard Layout is designed to have an identical feel, weight and quality finish as the more traditional Matsui Synthetic Layout but with antimicrobial material added in the textile at the production stage.

According to Matsui, the layout still allows game and graphic designs to be uniquely tailored to each casino.

Since the start of the global pandemic, we have worked very hard and continued to invest, develop and prepare our anti-microbial gaming products, said Shigeki Machida, Managing Director of Matsui Asia.

Following our very successful Nova Guard Chips, we have now finally completed our latest Nova Guard Layout.

Unlike the similar products already in the marketplace which only have the surface of the cloth sprayed or coated by anti-viral solution, Nova Guard Layout contains antimicrobial material woven into the fibre.

By producing the layout in this way means protection for not only a short period of time, but instead constantly during the full period of use for your layout and giving a sanitized and safe environment at your gaming tables.

Whilst we are still not able to see the end of pandemic, to protect gaming staff and players in the fight against COVID-19 this is one of the most practical protections that a casino operator can have in place at their gaming tables. As many experts predict that another pandemic may happen in the not-too-distant future, we are confident that our Nova Guard Layout will become the new standard of casino layouts.