Macau to subsidize residents to enjoy local staycations and tours

Diposting pada

The Macau SAR Government has announced it will grant each resident one MOP$200 voucher to enjoy a staycation and subsidize residents to experience local tours, with the aim of supporting tourism industry operators.

The Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO) announced the new project, titled Stay, Dine and See Macao’, on Wednesday, which includes six community tour promotions and the subsidy for a local hotel stay. Each permanent and non-permanent resident of Macau has a one-time opportunity in the two categories above, and are able to sign-up from 15 April.

The offer will be available seven days a week including public holidays from 23 April to 31 December.

The six local tour opportunities include a helicopter ride plus experiences around culture, sports and ecology. Each resident is able to claim a maximum subsidy of MOP$280 subsidy as well as a MOP$100 dining card when participating in local tours.

According to the MGTO, 161 travel agencies, over 800 travel industry professionals, over 70 hotels and guest houses, 500 tour coaches, 500 tour coach drivers and over 500 local tour guides have registered for the latest project, outweighing the number of industry participants for a similar project called Macao Ready Go! Local Tours last year.

This is the second time the SAR government has launch promotions to help the local tourism industry due to the impact of COVID-19.