Macau to allow entry of foreigners via Hong Kong

Diposting pada

With the COVID-19 situation in Hong Kong continuing to be brought under control, Macau has announced that it will allow the entry of some foreigners from 20 September 2021, provided they have been in Hong Kong for at least 21 days prior.

Macau banned all foreigners from entering the SAR when the COVID-19 pandemic first broke early last year. It has granted entry to anyone from China who has been on the mainland for 28 days since March this year, however this is the first small step forward in relation to Hong Kong in that time.

Qualified foreigners are limited in five categories, including persons who have obtained a residence permit issued by Macau authorities; persons who have obtained a permit to stay as a foreign employee or an entry permit for the purpose of employment issued by the Macau authorities, plus accompanying family members who have obtained special permission to stay; spouses or close relatives of Macau residents; persons who have come to Macau to participate in important business, academic or professional activities; and students who have been admitted to Macau’s higher education institutions.

Application are open from 15 September and permission will be available on 20 September at the earliest. The government said it expects daily foreigner entries will not exceed 70 per day.

Those aged 12 or above must have completed their COVID-19 vaccination, or submit a medical certificate stating that they are not suitable or do not need to receive the vaccine. They must also show a negative virus test result when entering and will be required to undergo a 14-day medical quarantine.