Macau confirms blue health code plans with 51 hotels ready to welcome Hong Kong guests

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Macaus Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre confirmed on Thursday that it plans to establish a special blue health code system for Hong Kong arrivals, although it cannot promise any actual implementation date for the policy.

As revealed by Inside Asian Gaming earlier this week, the blue health code allowing visitors to skip mandatory hotel quarantine would apply to those arriving from Hong Kong who have received two doses of COVID-19 vaccines and hold a negative virus test result obtained within the previous 48 hours. Anyone displaying a blue code would be allowed to enter Macaus hotels and resorts, although they would be required to remain within designated gaming areas and hotel floors.

Hong Kong guests would be allowed to visit dining and retails facilities in hotels but not be permitted to attend any activities without masks, so using swimming pools or water facilities would not be allowed.

The Macau Government Tourism Office (MGTO) said 51 hotels have already agreed to welcome blue code guests by 30 June, with around 2,700 hotel rooms to be provided.

The Medical Director of Macaus Conde de So Janurio Hospital, Tai Wa Hou, said the implementation date was not yet confirmed but the conditions for reopening would not necessarily rely on Hong Kong reaching 28 consecutive days without any local infections.

If imported related cases (not imported cases) do not spread to the Hong Kong community, or the government could trace the sources of local infections, then it is possible to reopen the border when Hong Kong cleared all local infections after 14 consecutive days, Tai said.

Meanwhile, Tai emphasized that Macau and Guangdong Province would announce new policies soon to ease the validation period of virus tests.