Galaxy donates MOP$10 million to support emergency response and relief efforts in Henan

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Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) has announced donation of MOP$10 million to Henan Province through Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation to support the emergency response and relief efforts in Henan Province, which has been heavily hit by extreme rainfall that have lashed out across the region.

The donation has been made under the coordination of the Liaison Office of the Central Peoples Government in the Macau SAR.

Henan Province has been heavily hit by extremely heavy rainfall, with precipitation being most severe in its provincial capital Zhengzhou, said GEG Chairman Dr Lui Che-woo.

As a Chinese, I feel that blood is thicker than water, and am deeply saddened by the casualties and property losses caused by the flood. As a Chinese enterprise, GEG, as well as all of our team members, is very concerned about the flood.

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to the people who have been affected and pay tribute to the front line rescue workers who have worked relentlessly. We hope to contribute to the relief efforts through the donation and sincerely wish the people in Henan Province can pull through and rebuild their homes soon.