Discussions underway on easing virus test requirements between Macau and mainland China: Chief Executive

Diposting pada

Macau is discussing with the mainland China government the possibility of removing a negative virus test requirement between the two borders for any individuals to have received their full COVID-19 vaccinations, Macau Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng has revealed.

Ho presented at the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday to answer questions and revealed that easing interactions between Macau and mainland China was now a priority discussion.

We are discussing with the mainland government to reach mutual-recognition of COVID-19 vaccines, at least with Guangdong Province, he explained. It might exempt the virus test requirement when crossing the border if individuals have received two doses of vaccine and produce antibodies after 14 days.

Although the Chief Executive noted that the vaccination rate in Macau was only about 6% so far and the actual implementation date of any such policy was not yet confirmed, he underlined that the government would encourage, but not force, residents to be vaccinated.

As for the resumption of e-visa processing under the Individual Visit Scheme and the long-awaited return of package tours, Ho said he was still waiting on a decision from Beijing.

But the mainland government has promised that once the IVS e-visa and group tours resume, Macau will be the first priority, he said.