Animal welfare group director Akiko Fujimura announces intention to run for Yokohama mayor, oppose IR

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Akiko Fujimura, the representative director of an animal welfare group who runs a catcaf with rescued cats, has announced that she will run for the mayoral election in Yokohama City this August as an independent. Her platform will include opposition to IRs.

Fujimura said at a press conference at Yokohama City Hall on 31 March, I have heard of the disappointing policy to build an IR in Yokohama City, and have decided to run for election, adding that she will contest the August mayoral election as an independent.

Fujimura has promised to immediately cancel the IR project if she wins. She will also establish an animal police that specializes in animal cruelty and set up a consultation desk in Yokohama for Chinese nationals to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party.

Yokohama City, which is currently preparing an IR bid, is scheduled to select an IR operator in the summer, around the same time as the mayoral election will take place.

Masataka Ota (75), another IR opponent, has already announced his intention to run for the mayoral election, but the incumbent mayor and IR supporter, Fumiko Hayashi, has not disclosed her intentions yet.