A Cashless, Cardless Future

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Scientific Games is adjusting to the post-COVID new normal with its array of cashless and cardless technology for gaming operators.

With gaming venues worldwide looking to provide their guests with a safe gaming experience, Scientific Games is stepping up to the plate via its cashless, cardless and SG Universe gaming system solutions.

This array of advanced technology aims to allow gaming operators to deliver a new, yet fun and engaging gaming experience while keeping players safe from the threat of COVID-19.


Unified Wallet is Scientific Games award-winning cashless solution, giving players the power to instantly access funds to play their favorite slots and tables or to shop at non-gaming retail outlets through an application on their personal mobile device.

Taking a mobile-first application approach, cashless solutions are not only convenient for guests but are also cost effective for casino operators.

Gaming Operators can still get all the benefits of going cashless without going cardless. Unified Wallet will also work with existing player cards where guests can access their funds directly from the iView.

Unified Wallet helps reduce maintenance costs for EGM peripherals such as bill validators and dispensers, TITO printers and card readers.

Players will also benefit from using Unified Wallet with the ability to fund their wallets from linked bank accounts or digital credit/debit cards, avoiding the need to queue at ATMs, handle cash or visit the cage and kiosks to redeem tickets.

Unified Wallet can offer credit facilities by using existing credit and collection features within SGs CMS systems or via the operators own choice of Line of Credit provider.


Scientific Games offers three methods for players to go cardless in the gaming property. The first and simplest is Account Lookup where players press the Forgot Card or Cardless button on the iView display and type in their mobile or ID number and their PIN number.

The second method allows players to scan a QR code generated by the EGM iView display using the gaming propertys mobile application.

Finally, players can connect via their mobile device. Through a Bluetooth session, players can connect with the EGMs and start their cardless session. Proximity kits are utilized and mounted onto the existing iView card readers and the proximity sensor on the card reader will automatically end the cardless connection when the player walks a specific distance away from the EGM.


The SG Universe mobile application provides players with an all-access mobile pass to a casinos services and amenities, including cardless and cashless functions in the form of native Android and iOS applications for smartphones.

It is a white label platform where gaming operators can rebrand the application to suit their theme and distribute it to their players to interact seamlessly with the properties loyalty programs.

SG Universe is a cloud-based platform with no heavy technology requirements, facilitating ease of access and eliminating the need for hardware investments. It is light on technology needs, making it easy to install and start up.

Scientific Games can provide a set of APIs to gaming property customers who have access to their own mobile application development resources to enable the provision of cardless and cashless functionalities to their players.

To learn more about these products and how Scientific Games can help your business navigate the new normal, contact your account manager today or send an email to [email protected]